Wednesday 4 January 2023

2023 Australian Open - Day 2

 The 2nd day of the 2023 Australian Open saw rounds 2 and 3 take place, with the tournament top seeds emerging unscathed. Both rounds saw a number of promising juniors take on the top seeds, but experience prevailed over enthusiasm. However, included in the group on 3/3 is one surprise packet, Anna Rozuwiecka from Victoria. She upset FM Patrick Gong in round 2 and then beat Rob Maris in the third round. 

The Minor has 6 players on 3/3. There are 2 unrated players in this group (Tharanga Gunasekara and Leo Ross) along with the usual group of improving junior players.

Today is a single round day, with play commencing at 1400 Perth time.

Salasan,Haran (2002) - Johansen,Darryl K (2360) [A40]
2023 Australian Open (3.4), 03.01.2023

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