Sunday, 27 November 2022

A variation on a theme

 The 2022 World Seniors has just finished with GM Zurab Sturua winning the Over 50, GM John Nunn winning the Over 65,  WGM Elvira Berend winning the Over 50 Women's title, and GM Nona Gaprindashvili winning the Women's Over 65 title (her 8th Senior world championship!).

Playing through some of the games I cam across this interesting brevity. It is almost a 'Greek Gift' sacrifice, but only if the soldiers charged first, and then the horse was dragged through the gates. By that I mean, after the sacrifice on h7 was played, the Queen checked first, before the cavalry arrived. In fact Black gave up after the queen check, which i think was a little premature. Certainly White is winning, but there isn't a direct mate.

Raynes,Paul (2205) - Pastor Alonso De Prado,Alberto (2026) [D02]
30th World Senior Chess Championship 202 Assisi (ITA) (5.25), 19.11.2022

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