Tuesday, 1 November 2022

2023 O2C Doeberl Cup

 Entries for the 2023 O2C Doeberl Cup are now open, and if you visit www.doeberlcup.com.au you will see that there have been some big changes made to the tournament.

The most significant one is the addition of an extra section (The Mini), which is for players rated below 1500 (ACF). Connected with that is the change in the rating limits for the Major (now Under 2100), and the Minor (now Under 1800). The reason for this is to balance the numbers in each event, and to make the pairings a little more sensible. The prizes for the Major and Minor are unchanged, while the Mini adds an extra $1700 to the overall prize pool.

The always popular Blitz event also sees an increase in the prize pool, with 1st prize being increased to $500. With the extra prizes added further down, the total prizes for the Blitz is now $1290. Entry fees remain unchanged from previous years, although there has been a change to the withdrawal policy (due to events filling up quickly, and then player withdrawing just before the cutoff).

The regulations concerning tournament eligibility have been simplified, with players able to use either there ACF or FIDE rating to move to a higher section (if allowed). Now to qualify for the Premier, you need to either have an ACF rating above 1900, or a FIDE rating above 1900. This also applies to the lower sections.

The venue is the same (Southern Cross Club, Woden), but with the expected increase in players for 2023, it is hoped some extra rooms can be allocated to the event.

(** Disclaimer: I am the Chief Organiser of this event ** )

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