Thursday 3 November 2022

A daring choice

 FM Albert Winkelman took part in the just completed 2022 Asian Continental Championship. A good start saw him in with a chance of an IM norm, but a final round loss meant he fell a little short. As a consolation he did pick up around 30 rating points, as well as scoring a couple of highly rated scalps.

On such scalp came in the following game, where a daring sacrificial idea paid off. Usually sacrificing a knight for 2 pawns after h3-g4 isn't as good as it looks, but in this case it was barely worse than simply retreating the bishop. So much so, that one wrong move from his opponent, and Winkelman was winning quite easily. However the road to victory isn't always easy, and a missed opportunity gave his opponent a narrow drawing path, which was missed. After that it was plain sailing

Shahil,Dey (2395) - Winkelman,Albert (2229) [C55]
Asian Continental Chess Championship-202 New Delhi (4.37), 29.10.2022

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