Saturday 19 March 2022

Playing down the right flank

 Miles Patterson sent me the following game from the 2022 Tasmanian Championship, which he finished in first place. His opponent opened with a double fianchetto defence, which gave White time to launch a typicla dark square attack on the king, swapping the bishop on g7 and pushing the h pawn. g4 to break open the kingside was a good move, and Nxf7 both won material, and essentially finished the game, although Black played on to mate.

Patterson,Miles (2000) - Pretorius,Wynand-Jack (2000) [A04]
Tasmanian Championship LAPTOP-RNTASBER, 14.03.2022

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Lachlan said...

Hi Shaun - probably the first game Miles has played where he didn't move his c pawn