Thursday 24 March 2022


 While picking up the latest Humble Bundle (Stand with Ukraine), I came across a curious game called Pawnbarian. It is a mixture of chess, deck building, and dungeon crawler, all packed into one. In the game, you are the Pawnbarian, he is called upon to defeat a host of enemies (goblins, monsters etc). You play cards to move your piece on the 5x5 board, either trying to attack the monsters, or run away from them. The cards initially match existing chess pieces (and their moves), but as you progress, you can but more cards to add to your deck (which often have additional effects). As you progress through the dungeon the monsters become harder to beat, and you have to do a bit of preplanning of your moves to find the best solution.

It is a fun little game, although reasonably difficult to win at (like chess!). If you can't pick it up as part of the Stand with Ukraine charity bundle, it can be purchased as a stand alone game on Steam for $14.50


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