Wednesday 2 March 2022

Good Technique

 There is a huge difference between having an advantage, and converting that advantage. The gap is often so large that there is room for a step in between, which is increasing your advantage. During post-mortems I've often heard players sat "I thought I was winning here", without actually being able to say why.

Here is a game from the current Grand Prix series where White does a good job of slowing improving his position, based on the plan of targeting weaknesses in Black's position. This starts around move 15 when Black has an isolated e pawn. By forcing Black to defend this weakness, White is able to improve his position, creating further weaknesses in Black's position. As the game continues, this target/improve plan results in White's advantage increasing to such a point that Black can no longer defend.

(B) Giri,Anish (2771) - (B) Tabatabaei,M. Amin (2623) [C24]
All Pools | Belgrade FIDE Grand Prix (1.4), 01.03.2022

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