Monday, 25 October 2021

Blink and you'll miss it

 Things happen quickly in blitz games, and sometimes even quicker than that. Black went for the jugular with 8 ... Ng4, although White could have defended with 9.Qe2. Instead 9.Rf1 was a plausible try that was hit with 9. ... Nxh2. But event then White was only a bit worse after 11.Kd2. 11. ... Ke2 was the start of the very rapid end. (To be fair to White, I fell for a similar idea as Black in a Traxler, which is an opening I have played for 35 years!)

Connor5566 (1828) - Mattrad (2065) [C30]
ACTCA Monday Blitz - 25 Oct, 25.10.2021

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