Friday, 22 October 2021

Before the internet

 I have just received a number of wondaful, and historical, publications from Roly Eime (IA). Included in this collection was the "The Book of The First International Radio Chess Match Australia versus Great Britain" which was played in 1947. The match itself was played by cable (Telegraph) and not directly by radio, and took 18 hours over 2 and a bit days to complete. 

As Australia had already beaten France and Canada is recent matches, the books compiler, M.E, Goldstein, said that the match was to decide the chess supremacy of the Empire. In the end the 'Mother Country' won 7-3, although Lajos Steiner scored a win for Australia on the top board.

Another thing to note about the publication was that is was produced by The Australian Chess Federation, with the proceeds to assist in supporting other international matches for Australia. 

Alexander,Conel Hughes - Steiner,Lajos [C10]
GBR-AUS radio m London/Sydney (1), 04.10.1947

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