Wednesday, 20 October 2021

ACT Chess for the rest of 2021

Good news, everyone! It looks like most of the face to face chess in Canberra in the next couple of weeks. At least one local chess club has been asked to resume in early November (by the venue management), and I suspect this means that venues are happy to host chess events once again. While the actual details are still being worked out (size limits, mask and vaccine requirements) I won't name the club, but will do so when reopening conditions are finalised.

The other event that has been up in the air is the 2021 Vikings Weekender, which may be back on the calendar again. It was planned to held in mid November, and if the venue is available at that time, the ACT Chess Association is keen to hold it, even at very short notice.

With Street Chess also resuming on the 30th October, most of the ACT clubs and events look to be back on. The only chess activity still affected by health orders will be the junior chess activities, which are restricted due to the junior venues normally being at schools, which still have some extra protections in place.

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