Sunday 4 July 2021

Things that are possible

 Earlier in the year I tweeted about how well the Doeberl Cup went, showing some pictures of the 335 player field. A few people (from OS) commented about the lack of mask wearing, which then provoked a reply from someone who asked if wearing a mask affected the ability to play chess well.

Based in a single (non scientific) sample, it probably doesn't, or if it does, everyone is equally handicapped. Today's Street Chess event was played indoors, which due to current ACT health regulations, meant that everyone over the age of 12 was required to wear a mask. In the end the top seeds finished at the top, and even a few players who expressed annoyance at having to put a mask on, found themselves in the prize money as well. The only disadvantage for me (as an organiser) is that there were a couple of new players, who I have no clear idea what they look like!

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