Tuesday 13 July 2021

2021 World Cup Day 2

 Due to the time zone differences, most of the action in the 2021 World Cup is happening past my bedtime. I can tell you the GM Elshan Moridiabadi has made it through to the 2nd round, although it appears that his opponent did not turn up. This also happened in a few other games, with some players having travel difficulties, either covid related or not.

Oceania representative CM Elmer Prudente lost is first game yesterday, and is in a bit of trouble today. Australian representative GM Bobby Cheng drew against his almost identically rated opponent yesterday, and todays game is still even as I type this. This match might be headed to tie-breaks. 

However Round 2 is when the real actions starts as the top 50 seeds join the action, with Carlsen, MVL and other top players up against the winners from round 1.

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