Tuesday 27 July 2021

The Script

 Recently I have bee using a 'script' metaphor to describe how chess games usually go. The idea is to remove some of the mystery of the game for new players, showing how most experienced players think about general planning. Of course it doesn't cover every type of game, but it does seem useful for players in the sub 1500 range.

Act I - The Opening

  • Move 2 or 3 pawns at the start, to help develop your pieces
  • Bring out Knights and Bishops (either NNBB or NBNB)
  • Castle
  • Move the queen a little bit, to help connect the rooks
Act II - The Queen attacks

  • Look at the position of your opponents king
  • Look at the squares next to the king that aren't protected by any other piece
  • Target one of those squares with a minor piece (or rook)
  • Land your queen on that square for checkmate
Act III - So that did not work

  • Try and win material, the bigger the better
  • Use your advantage in material to win more material
  • When your opponent cannot defend their king (lots of squares only defended by the king), checkmate them with your extra pieces
Act IV - Are we still here?

  • Win material, the bigger the better
  • Use your extra pieces to capture your opponents pawns
  • Run one of your pawns to the end of the board and make a queen
  • Use the extra queen to checkmate your opponent
All very easy on paper, but hard to execute, especially if your opponent is trying to do the same to you. But having a plan, even one as broad as this, is better than having no plan at all. 

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