Thursday 25 March 2021

2021 Lifeline Bookfair

 The 2021 Lifeline Bookfair started a day early, almost catching out a few collectors. I made the effort to turn up around opening time, although I did not pick up many chess books this time. As usual, the majority on offer were ones I already own, but I did notice another box under the table labelled 'chess'. However the unwritten rule at the bookfair is you *do not* touch the books under the tables, so I may have to return another day to see if they have been put out.

One interesting item I did get was a good condition 'Autobridge' for $4. This was a pre-computer age device that allowed you to practice Bridge by yourself, through the use of pre-printed cards and sliding panels. While not a serious Bridge player myself, it is just the kind of thing I collect (when not buying chess books)


1 comment:

Mark Patterson, Esq. said...

You could have bought a book on "social skills" then asked if they could let you peek inside the box? Chess players!!!!