Sunday 14 March 2021

Come back and fight, you cowards

 In the world of Correspondence Chess, Thematic tournaments are still a thing. Players start with a set opening and play each opponent with both White and Black. The idea is to extend current opening theory, or just to see who handles specific positions better. 

One recently completed event concerned my favourite opening, the Traxler (or Wilkes-Barre). Despite the whole opening being under a cloud, two interesting things emerged from this event. Firstly, no one dared play Nxf7, which shows that this line is considered better for Black in the CC community. Secondly, despite Bxf7+ being considered the refutation of the Traxler, Black in fact won a few games. Below is one of these games.

Michalek,Martin (2128) - Cvak,Rudolf (2461) [C57]
WSTT/5/17/F ICCF, 05.05.2019

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