Monday 8 March 2021

Tasmanian Championship

 Normally this weekend is when the ACT Chess Championships are held, as it is a long weekend here. However, the ACTCA has decided to move it to Reconciliation Day Weekend in late May, to avoid clashes with other chess events.

One of those events was the 2021 Tasmanian Chess Championship, and local player Miles Patterson ventured south to take part. As a non Tasmanian resident he was not eligible for the title, so he had to be content with winning the tournament on 6/7. Despite it being a non ACT event, the final round saw 3 players with ACT connection on the top 2 boards, with long time Canberran Ian Rout drawing with Patterson to take a share of the title, while Will Rumley (who started his chess career in Canberra), played Kevin Bonham. In that game Bonham won, meaning that Rout and Bonham were joint Tasmanian Champions.

Patterson,Miles - Shepherd,Chris
Tasmanian Championship, 07.03.2021

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