Sunday, 15 July 2018

With the internet broken, there is always poker

My home internet has broken (thank you NBN co) and so have had to find other things that interest me. One of these things is watching the live coverage of the World Series of Poker on TV. As I type this it has been running for over 9 hours (400+ hands), and show no signs of finishing. Watching this makes me appreciate that chess uses clocks to control the session length. I have a recollection that they were thinking of doing a similar thing for poker, although with the system of increasing 'blinds' it may not be necessary (as eventually all the money ends up in the pot). However a system where a player has to 'buy' extra thinking time (either adding it to the pot, or just giving it to the opponent), may be something worth considering.

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Anonymous said...

Some events have clocks (act within a minute, or even 30 seconds), and you get a couple of time-banks per event. The old method (probably still applicable) was to have your opponent(s) call time on you, usually after 5 minutes or more of "thought", and then the floor gave you like 30 seconds or a minute to act.