Sunday, 1 July 2018

Happy chess

"Are you happy to agree to a draw?" "Ok"
The above conversation was repeated a number if times over the last week, as I sorted out a number of issues during various Canberra school events. Most of the players involved were young primary aged students, and for many it was their first chess event.
Reasons for asking this included

  • Not knowing how to checkmate with K+Q v K (or K+R)
  • Both kings being in check and neither player knowing how this happened
  • Kings being chased around the board by multiple pieces and eventually repeating the position a number of times
  • Both kings being captured!
The other common question was "Do you know how to checkmate with .... ?". A couple of players replied "I think so" or "I'll try to" and so I allowed them to play on, at least for a few moves. In a couple of cases the players did succeed in finding a mate, but in the 2(!) K+B+N v K endings I saw, the players were unsuccessful.

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