Sunday, 8 July 2018

England v Sweden

One of the historical anomalies of sport is the existence of separate teams for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island in world football. The anomaly actually extends to a number of other sporting arenas, including the Commonwealth Games and Chess (although Chess does not have Norther Island, but does have Jersey and Guernsey).
I can remember a few years ago Nigel Short wrote on this topic, and drew the ire of Scottish chess players by questioning whether Scotland should be a separate chess entity. A recent conversation has also reminded me that many in Scotland have not forgotten this.
But as I type this one of the other UK regions is currently playing Sweden in the World Cup. While I am tipping a win for Sweden, the game I have chosen to represent this match is actually a draw. Played between Tony Miles and Ulf Andersson, it saw Miles play the 4.Bf4 line against the Queens Indian. At the time this system was both novel and successful, but eventually Black worked out how to meet it and it is a much rarer line these days.

Miles,Anthony J (2565) - Andersson,Ulf (2545) [E12]
IBM Amsterdam (5), 1978

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