Tuesday, 31 July 2018

In my life

Finally, my interest in chess and The Beatles collide!
Mark Glickman (inventor of the Glicko chess rating system) is in the news again, but this time for some statistical analysis connected with The Beatles. Glickman and Jason Brown developed a data model for Beatles songs, comprising 149 different features. Then using the model they were able to determine the authorship of each Beatles song, within a certain degree of confidence.
For non Beatles fans, the majority of Beatles songs were credited to Lennon-McCartney even if only one or the other really wrote the song (the rest being cover versions, compositions by George Harrison, or the occasional Ringo Star tune). The rough and ready method in the past was normally who sang lead vocals, but Glickman and Brown have taken this further.
One song they have looked at is 'In My Life' from the Rubber Soul album. In the past McCartney said that he wrote most of the song, while Lennon (before his death) stated that it was based on his childhood memories, and McCartney only contributed a small part of the song. According to Glickman and Brown, the song bears all the hallmarks of a Lennon composition, with very little change of it being a McCartney song.
If you want to read more about this interesting work, you can have a look here or here.

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