Wednesday 4 April 2018

Throwing chairs

At first I had planned to feature a game I played last night at Belconnen Chess Club. Spotting an idea in the opening I had forced my opponent to give up castling rights, before calculating a long tactical sequence that involved sacrificing a piece before recovering it with a 2 pawn advantage. As usual I had missed something along the way, and I didn't recover the piece (but did pick up a third pawn), and we agreed to draw when we both realised we had no idea what was happening in the position. Further analysis revealed that I could have played a knockout move even earlier, while my sacrificial combination was far worse than a number of other choices.
So instead I've picked another, far better game from the same event. WFM Alana Chibnall gets a good position against the French using the Kings Indian Attack, with the pawn on e5 dividing the Black forces in two. After looking at invading on d6, she instead finds the f6 square more to her liking, and the queen and knights combine to effect a pretty mating attack.

Chibnall,Alana - Patterson,Miles [C00]
Murphy Memorial, 03.04.2018

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