Thursday 5 April 2018

The things children say

The ACT Interschool season started today with the North Canberra Primary Girls Zone. While the chess was hard fought but fun, it was some of the comments I overheard (or were directed at me) that were even more interesting

  • One of the team supervisors only had one leg, so a 2nd grade student immediately said "Where is your leg? What happened to it?" After it was patiently explained to her that it was removed as a child due to cancer, she followed with "Do you still have it?"
  • Later on a player was told she couldn't move her king to a square as it was check. She then asked "What is check and why does everyone keep saying it?" (Note: I do coach this player)
  • When one player forcefully told her opponent she couldn't move her king to a square because her bishop was attacking it I suggested she speak a little more softly as we were here to have fun and enjoy ourselves. She looked at me and said "But this is chess"

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Anonymous said...

That Grade 2 student is gonna be a great comedian one day.