Saturday 28 April 2018

More Gareyev Magic

GM Timur Gareyev made quite a splash during his visit to Canberra a few weeks back, winning the 2018 Doeberl Cup, the Doeberl Blitz, as well as winning a blindfold simul 10-0.
As his blindfold exploits are what sets him apart from most other GM's, here is a film clip demonstrating just how good his memory for chess positions is.  It is from a Russian TV show where people do amazing things, and in this case, Gareyev is given 5 minutes to memorise 48 positions. Then 3 are picked at random, and he has to play 3 CM's while blindfold.  To see how it turns out, you will have to watch the clip (Hat tip to Miles Patterson for forwarding the clip to me)

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