Thursday, 28 April 2016

Forking knight with knight

Magnus Carlsen pulled of the nice endgame trick of forking a knight with a knight, in his win of Vladimir Kramnik at the 206 Norway Chess Classic. Carlsen had been winning from early on, and by the end his advantage was overwhelming, but it still a nice move if you can play it.
The win by Carlsen now puts him a full point ahead with 2 rounds to play.  There are 4 players tied for 2nd on 4/7, and Carslen plays one of them, Lev Aronian, in round 8.

Carlsen,Magnus (2851) - Kramnik,Vladimir (2801) [D35]
4th Norway Chess 2016 Stavanger NOR (7.3), 27.04.2016

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