Sunday, 10 April 2016

A little fooling about

When I do take the rare opportunity to play at Street Chess, often the game is more about experimentation than the result. I tend to either try off beat openings or gambits, and my attacks are a little more speculative than at longer time controls.
Today I played 1 game (in round 2) and I may have taken the above a little too far. Sacrificing my knight on move 3 is certainly ambitious, although this line had been introduced to me by GM David Smerdon back in 2006 (NB this was an introduction, not necessarily a recommendation). In fact I was doing all right up until move 10, when I captured on c3 rather than just keep the big centre intact by moving my queen. Fortunately my opponent did not see the drawing idea I cooked up around move 20, which I figured was the best I was going to get out of this game. So inventive yes, sound no, successful maybe.

Patterson,Mark - Press,Shaun [C26]
Street Chess, 09.04.2016

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