Monday 28 December 2015

To get to 2000 you have to play 2000's

GM Ian Rogers gives the advice to players trying to reach a rating of 2000. "Try and play as many 2000+ rated players as possible". This advice could of course be extended to any level, including players aiming to become 2600.
IM Moulthun Ly is certainly making the most of his experience at the 2015 Qatar Masters, having played 3 2600+ players in the first 7 rounds. After losing to the first 2, he played a lovely attack against GM Daniil Dubov (2655) to win his round 7 game. This moves him to 4/7 overall, and gets him another strong opponent (GM Denis Khismatullin 2654) in round 8.

Ly,Moulthun (2462) - Dubov,Daniil (2655) [B69]
Qatar Masters Open 2015 Doha QAT (7.29), 27.12.2015

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To get to 2900 you have to play 2900's.