Friday 18 December 2015

Illingworth scores final GM norm

IM Max Illingworth has scored his 3rd Grandmaster norm, after beating IM James Morris in the 7th round of the 2015 Australasian Masters. The win by Illingworth moves him to 6.5/7 and he currently has a TPR of over 2800. With Illingworth playing GM's Papin and Neiksans in the last two rounds interest now turns to see if he can hang on to first place.
His closest rival is another GM aspirant, IM Kanan Izzat. Izzat also won today and only needs 0.5/2 to secure a GM norm. He also has a slightly easier run to the finish, facing IM's Dale and Morris in the final two rounds.
In the IM tournament that is running alongside the Masters, IM Igor Bjelobrk is dominating the event, starting with 7 straight wins. He holds a 2 point lead over FM Chris Wallis, and with 2 rounds to play, looks like a certainty to win this event.

Morris,James (2407) - Illingworth,Max (2499) [D38]
2015 Australasian Masters GM Norm Event Melbourne Chess Club (7.2), 18.12.2015


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful achievement this is! Max Illingworth has always impressed with his love of chess, fierce determination, and sheer hard work.
His games column in Brian Jones' much missed magazine was meticulously detailed. I, a mere wood-pusher, scanned those columns with something approaching awe (they were way over my head). It was clear this young man was headed for something BIG. Now Max has completed the requirements for the award of the GM title, and in due course will become Australia's fifth GM! May he achieve yet more for himself and Australian Chess.
Dennis Hale

Anonymous said...

Illingworth still writes for an Australian magazine - the new one called 50 Moves.

James said...

Well done Max Illingworth!

btw Why is the GM norm requirement only 7 games in this event?

Shaun Press said...

It isn't. He required 6.5/9 for the norm, but reached the score after 7 rounds. He still played the remaining two rounds and finished with 7/9. Just a case of reporting early what was always going to be the outcome (barring exceptional circumstances).

James said...

Thanks. That answers my other question about playing three GMs.