Thursday 1 October 2015

Well that was quick

I would have thought the first game of the Final of the 2015 World Cup would have been a peaceful draw. With 4 games rather than 2, the players could have taken it easy, checked out their opponents prep, and shaken hands around move 30. Instead Karjakin got cracked in 29 moves, with the end of the game looking particularly ugly.
After a closed opening, the position opened up in Svidler's favour. 20.Qb3 seemed to be the turning point of the game, as after that Karjakin had to meet a succession of threats, with his position getting steadily worse. By move 26 Svidler was totally winning, and Karjakin resigned a few moves later.

Svidler,Peter - Karjakin,Sergey [C00]
2015 World Cup, 01.10.2015

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