Thursday 22 October 2015

And on board 3 we have ...

The European Club Championship is currently running in Skopje, Macedonia, and once again sees a number of phenomenaly strong teams taking part. Perennial favourites for this event, SOCAR, have found a spot for Fabiano Caruana on Board 3(!), behind Topalov and Giri. But he won't be lonely there because (as GM David Smerdon has pointed out), he will be fighting for the board 3 prize with Nakamura, Grischuk and Jakovenko.
At the other end of the tournament are the more 'journeyman' teams, including the team I support, White Rose (ENG). Seeded 34th (out of 50) they do have 1 GM and 2 IM's playing for them, and while they may terrorise some of the lower ranked teams, top board glory will probably elude them for another year.
Full results from the tournament can be found at while the tournament web page is here.

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