Saturday 3 October 2015

Like deja vu all over again

Logged in late to watch the second game of the 2015 World Cup Final, and thought they were replaying the first game for a second. The I realised that the colours had changed, but the result had not. For the second day in a row Karjakin blew up against Svidler, resigning down material. And while yesterdays game was kind of a slow motion car crash, in this game Karjakin seemed to take a hard left straight into the wall. He took less than a minute to decide on the losing move (37.Rb5) and after following it up with another clunker, resigned.
So Svidler 2-0 up at the half way point, and only needing a draw to win the event.

Karjakin,Sergey - Svidler,Peter [C95]
2015 World Cup, 02.10.2015

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