Sunday 13 January 2013

Bobby Cheng wins 2013 Australian Open

Bobby Cheng has won the 2013 Australian Open, finishing on 9.5/11. He drew his final round game against IM Moulthun Ly to finish undefeated with 8 wins, 2 draws and 1 half point bye. Ly finished a point back in a tie for second with GM Zong Yuan Zhao and IM Max Illingworth. Along with first place, Cheng also scored an IM norm. His performance rating was in fact greater then what was required for a GM norm, but he did not play the minimum number of GM's (3) for the norm to be valid.
There were a number of good performances from the large number of Canberra players who took part. The stand out was Junta Ikeda's IM norm (his second), although back to back losses dropped him down the standings. IM Andrew Brown had a good tournament, playing all 3 GM's, and defeating IM Stephen Solomon in a nice round 10 game. Michael Wei scored 6.5 while Joshua Bishop picked up a rating prize for his 6/11. Special mention should also go to Glenn Ingham who started the event with 0.5/6 before winning his last 5 games to reach a respectable 50%!
Final standings from the Open and associated events are here.

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Bobby Cheng's game against Khenkin is subject to one of kingcrusher's video analyses -