Monday 21 January 2013

2013 ACT Lightning Championship

IM Brown v FM Ikeda
The 2013 ACT Lightning Championship was held this evening, with a pretty strong field of 30 players in attendance. In what is becoming a familiar script for ACT events, the top two seeds were FM Junta Ikeda and IM Andrew Brown, and the championship was simply a race between the two. This time Ikeda emerged the winner of their individual game, and went on to take the title with 9/9. Brown managed to defeat every other opponent and took second place with 8/9. In third place was former champion Roger Farrell, who scored 7 points, losing only to Brown and Ikeda.
The Under 1700 prize was shared between Milan Ninchich and Bazli Karattiyatill, while Jozo Rosic won the Under 1350 prize.

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