Thursday 31 January 2013

Being 40 is not the end of the world

As reported by John Saunders on Chessbase, the over 40 brigade seems to be having quite a good time at the Gibraltar Chess Festival. Going into the final round, Nigel Short is tied for first while Michael Adams, Kiril Georgiev and Vassily Ivanchuk are only half a point behind. Short recovered from a 2nd round loss with 6 straight wins, while Adams and Ivanchuk remain undefeated. Along the way Adams scored a nice quick win over Jan Ehlvest, finding a number of clever tactical ideas.
The final round is in progress as I type this, so if you are quick you can catch all the action at the tournament website.

Adams,Michael (2725) - Ehlvest,J (2605) [C62]
11th Gibraltar Masters Caleta ENG (9), 30.01.2013


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