Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Olympiad Countdown

The Chessdom website is really getting into the Olympiad spirit, promising an update to their pre-olympiad coverage every 15 minutes(!) until the start of the tournament. While I think they may struggle to keep up the pace, the early updates are quite informative, especially for the players taking part. There is a s photo of the (empty) venue, as well as details concerning the hotels and amenities.
As for myself, my Olympiad countdown consists of finishing the non-chess things I need to do before I depart, as well as finishing some chess things as well (Swiss Pairing Program testing being the top of the list, as well as finding someone to run Street Chess this Saturday). Once I do get there I will try and provide some extra material for the blog (video being the main idea), and hopefully I will team up with PNG player Craig Skehan (who is a journalist by profession) to get some extra stories for other media outlets.

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