Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I'm not sure how this works

There was a post on the Susan Polgar blog the other day which contained a list of the top 50 chess blogs. Chessexpress came in at no. 22 which kind of surprised me, as I thought I would be lucky to make the top 50 at all.
It turns out the list was compiled by the blogshares website, which is not a ranking site, but a kind of online trading game. Apparently this blog is valued at $34,000, but as blogshares points out, this is not real money. So for now I am a loss about how the whole thing works, although I really should read the FAQ. But it is kind of nice to be ranked so highly, even if I don't quite know why!


Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson said...

I may be interested if you would be willing to call it VirginChess?

Saravanan said...


Greetings from India! I drop in at your Blog occasionally. Appreciate your passion, and sincere upkeep of the regular entries. Carry on!