Sunday, 26 August 2012

2012 Olympiad - Day minus 1

For me I guess most of the hard work is before the Olympiad actually starts. Over the years the entry/registration processes have become more streamlined, but there are always unforeseen problems (visa problems, travel difficulties), and these always have to been taken into account. Most of these issues show up at the last moment, so they either get fixed (happily), or end up unsolved (sadly).
As part this process we had a meeting this morning to thrash out some of the administrative issues. The usual issues of minimum number of team members (3), how late can a team arrive (before 2nd round), and who will get the bye were discussed. There were a couple of other topics which are probably important.

  • Unrated players will be rated 1000 (the FIDE floor), for the purpose of seeding purposes
  • Performance ratings (for board prizes) will not use the 400 point rule, and again unrateds will count as 1000
  • The bye is 1 match point (and 2 game points)
  • Forfeits are 2 match points (and 4 game points)
With that out of the way, the rest of today and tomorrow is likely to be spent making sure all the submitted information is correct. We wish to avoid a repeat of 2010 when an entire team changed their names before the start of the tournament and played the first 5 rounds as unrateds!

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