Friday, 7 October 2011

Openings in the cloud

Someone could make a degree of money by offering a backup service for players opening databases. If you haven't seen the news, Ivanchuk was robbed just as he was leaving Sao Paulo, on his way to Bilbao for the second half of the Grand Slam Masters. The initial coverage focussed on the act itself, and whether Ivanchuk would be able to play the second half of the tournament, but a few news stories also reported that his laptop was safe! Over the last few years I've seen other stories like this, where the theft of the laptop (or more importantly, the data on the laptop), was the critical act. Radjabov even withdrew from the 2007 Linares event after his laptop was stolen before the start of the first leg in Mexico.
So putting you 'secret' files in the cloud might be the way to go, assuming they can remain secret. Maybe this could even be a successful subscription service to a technical savvy chess entrepreneur.


Anonymous said...

As they say - backup often!

Anonymous said...

To his credit, Chucky gave Nakamura a pasting in the following round.