Tuesday 18 October 2011

Another type of speed chess

From coolest-gadgets.com comes a story about another kind of speed chess. Instead of using a clock, pieces moulded in ice (using a special ice tray) are used, with the obvious idea that you can only move pieces that haven't melted. But while it may be a fun party-piece, there is one drawback. Unlike chess clocks, pieces from both sides should melt at the same rate. So it doesn't matter how long one player thinks, as both armies move closer to elimination. In fact it may be an advantage to move as little as possible, to avoid body warmth speeding up the destructive process.
But like chocolate chess pieces and alcoholic chess, the idea isn't to play serious chess with such itms, but to simply have fun. So maybe the best approach is to have your opponent eat every piece of theirs that you capture, and the player that collapses with brain-freeze first, loses.

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