Tuesday, 4 October 2011

New DGT Software

Having struggled with various versions of TOMA (DGT's game broadcasting software) over the years, I am pleased to see they have released a completely new software package to handle this task. Replacing Toma is DGT Livechess. It is written in Java and has the benefit of being able to run under MacOS X and Linux, as well as Windows. The other important feature is that is is free to download and use.
So far I've only tested it with a single board, which even works via my Serial-to-USB connector, but I would be interested to test the behaviour with multiple boards. It did take a little bit of menu surfing to get everything to work properly, but having done so, it seems easier than under the old software.
DGT Livechess is available from the DGT website at this link. There is also a web page which gives quick getting started instructions, with the promise of a full manual in the near future.

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