Monday, 8 August 2011

A hard four days

Well done to all the participants of the FIDE Arbiters Seminar, held at the Box Hill Chess Club over the last 4 days. The seminar, the first ever held in Australia, was organised by the Oceania Chess Confederation (with help from the Box Hill Chess Club) and was sponsored by the Asian Chess Confederation.
I was one of the (paid) presenters, along with Gary Bekker and Charles Zworestine. The seminar was over 4 days and was pretty full on, with more than enough material to fill the 7 sessions. The seminar finished with a 3 hour exam, which had a pretty brutal pass mark of 80%. At this stage the exam papers are still to be marked, but as was pointed out (by me) at the end of the course, even if the participants don't all pass, they've still learned as much over 4 days as many arbiters would learn in 10 years.


Anonymous said...

Will the 4 days result in a qualification if the candidate passes?

Alana said...

no, we still need to get 3 more norms from being the Chief/Deputy arbiter at 3 FIDE rated tournaments.

Anonymous said...

If you pay your money, then you should pass. Its only fair!