Sunday, 21 August 2011


While keeping track of IM Andrew Brown's European chess tour, I came across e2e4 Chess , an English tournament organising company. Brown had played in the Sunningdale International, which was held last week.
What was interesting about the tournament (or tournaments) was that the organisers moved away from the 'monster' swiss format, and chose the more European multiple round robin format. There were 12 10 player round robins, with the top 4 offering norm opportunities. This was achieved by spreading the titled/overseas players between the top events, so each RR had 2 GM's or 3 IM's.
Of course such a format requires a strong customer base, and the easy access to overseas players (I saw at least 3 Australians in the various events). This would obviously work in the UK or Europe, but it would be somewhat harder to achieve in Australia, Nonetheless it might be just different enough to attract the attention of an ambitious tournament organiser looking the fill a vacancy in the Australian chess scene.


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