Monday, 1 August 2011

2011 British Championship - replacement late night TV

The 2011 British Championship has been running for the last week, but I haven't been paying much attention until now. This year the organisers managed to attract both Michael Adams and Nigel Short, adding an extra level of strength above the usual top band of GM's.
At the first break in the tournament, Adams, Short and Jones share the lead with 5/6. In tonight's round Short plays Jones, while Adams plays Simon Williams. The top games are all being broadcast live at, and will prove a sufficient replacement for Tour de France coverage!
Alongside the Championship are a number of other events, including the Seniors. Playing in this event are well known arbiter Stewart Reuban, as well as former ANU Chess Club member Pete Morriss.
The tournament home page is and it contains a huge amount of information.

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Anonymous said...

I strongly recommend the Game of the Day vids with IM Andrew Martin. As chess commentators go he is very entertaining.