Friday, 17 September 2010

Olympiad warm up

Off to the Olympiad in less than 24 hours. I've done very little prep this time, as the drama over travel and accommodation has been quite time consuming. What little prep I have done has included looking over old Olympiad games, from around the time I started playing.
Here is a gem from 2002. Robert Gwaze crushed his hapless opponent in 18 moves, on his way to a 9/9 score on Board 1.

Gajadin,D (2192) - Gwaze,R (2280) [C42]
Olympiad Bled SLO (7), 01.11.2002

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.Nxe5 d6 4.Nf3 Nxe4 5.d4 d5 6.Bd3 Nc6 7.0-0 Bg4 8.Re1 Be7 9.c3 f5 10.Nbd2 0-0 11.Qb3 Kh8 (D)
The first deviation from book, and already a mistake [12.Qxb7 Rf6 13.Qb3 Rb8 14.Qc2 Bd6 15.Bf1 Nxd2 16.Nxd2 Bxh2+ 17.Kxh2 Rh6+ 18.Kg1 Qh4 19.f3 Qxe1 20.Nb3 Rh1+ 21.Kxh1 Qxf1+ 22.Kh2 Bxf3 23.Bf4 (23.gxf3 Qxf3ยต) 23...Be4 24.Rxf1 Bxc2 25.Bxc7= may be the correct way to play this.] 12...Nxe5 13.dxe5 Bc5 [13...Nxf2 picks up a pawn as capturing on f2 is fatal 14.Kxf2 Bc5+ 15.Kf1 Qh4-+] 14.Rf1 Nxf2 15.Rxf2 Qh4 16.g3 Bxf2+ 17.Kxf2 Qxh2+ 18.Kf1 f4! the open f file spells the end for White. 0-1

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