Tuesday, 28 September 2010

2010 Olympiad - Day 6

A big score for PNG on day 6 of the 2010 Chess Olympiad. Despite losing on the bottom board in round5 we actually moved up a board to play Rwanda in round 6. The match got off to a good start when Rupert Jones won pretty quickly. My opponent (who had zero points so far) offered me a draw, and being the generous soul I am, I accepted after 10 minutes thought. (It didn't help that I couldn't think of a constructive plan in the position). Boards 1 and 3 then also won with PNG winning the match 3.5-0.5.
Of course such a result moved us to the top of the score group of teams on 2 match points, meaning we caught the down floating Trinidad and Tobago in Round 7. This match didn't go so well, but that is for my next post.

Jones,Rupert (1953) - Niyibizi,Alain Patience [B00]
39th Olympiad Men Khanty-Mansiysk RUS (6.73), 27.09.2010

1.e4 d6 2.Nc3 e5 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.d3 h6 5.h3 Nc6 6.Nf3 b6 7.Be3 Bb7 8.Qd2 Ne7 9.a4 d5 10.exd5 Nfxd5 11.Nxe5 Nf5 (D)
12.Bb5+ Ke7 13.Nc6+ Bxc6 14.Bxc6 Ndxe3 15.Bxa8 Qxa8 16.fxe3 Kd8 17.0-0 Nd6 18.Nb5 f6 19.Qc3 Qb7 20.Nd4 Kd7 21.Qb3 a5 22.Qe6+ Kd8 23.Rxf6 Be7 24.Rf3 Re8 25.Qg4 Qd5 26.Ne6+ Qxe6 27.Qxe6 1-0


TrueFiendish said...

Hi Shaun. Any idea what happened with Smerdon-Nyback? Did Nyback not show up?

Shaun Press said...

After the team lists had been submitted, Nyback fell ill and could not make it to the game. He must still be unwell as Finland are not playing him today as well.

TrueFiendish said...

Thanks. Best of luck for the rest of the tournament!