Thursday, 16 September 2010

FIDE looking to buy into the New York Real Estate Market

Long story short. FIDE can't get their Olympiad right, but are hoping to spend $10million on (or near) the Ground Zero site in New York City. Not sure where the money is coming from (and I bet FIDE Treasurer Nigel Freeman knows nothing about it), but maybe it is a cunning publicity ploy, ala the Islamic Community Centre. Thousands of Checker players, ginned up by Fox News, protesting in the street against a "Chess Centre", while crazed Bridge officials threaten to burn Modern Chess Openings. However don't attribute to cunning what you can explain by stupidity, so I assume that (a) the offer is real and (b) it won't actually go anywhere.

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checkersisfortramps said...

checkers fans protesting the chess center- dood- hilarious!

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