Friday, 23 October 2009

Dead horse, meet stick

Over at the ClosetGrandmaster's blog, TCG is still trying to breathe some life into the whole "Beauty and the Geek" debate. He originally posited that the appearance of Canberra chess player Jeremy Reading was damaging to chess, but the debate, and the public vote, didn't quite go his way. He's having one more go at the topic, although I note with interest that Jeremy has been transformed in Mr Reading in the last post.
Now whether the 'geek' image is damaging to chess, or even whether someone is a 'geek' at all, probably depends on who is being asked. But here is a little test. Which one of these photos is of one of the top players in the world, and which is of a 'geeky' Australian television personality?

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Jim said...

John Safran of ill reputed television fame is on the left. GM Levon Aronian is on the right.