Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Every day or two I do a quick patrol of the sites on my blog roll (look to your left). While visiting the Chessdom site, I noticed they had added a new live coverage tool, which was developed by, and named after, Chessbomb. I've had a play with it and it looks really good. The site combines broadcast, computer analysis (from Rybka) and user comments into one interface.
For the moment they are only covering the European Teams Championship, and the time difference works against us here in Australia, but it is still worth visiting during the day, as the overnight broadcasts are archived. For example, two games worth looking at from Round 5 are the Sutovsky v Svidler game, and the Bacrot v Aronian matchup. Due to the magic of colour coded moves (and Rybka) you can see where the players went wrong at crucial junctures during the game.

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siow, weng nian said...

Yes, it is a great improvement but having played with it a bit, looking at the Bacrot-Aronian game, the Rbyka analysis can be a bit misleading, eg, after Aronian's blunder at move 23...Kg8, according the analysis screen Rybka evaluates 24 Rxf7 at 0 (dead equal) (30.19 sec and depth 14). In the Chat box, a kibitzer comments that another engine evaluates 24 Rxf7 as +3.05.

Still it is a great improvement.