Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Am I not geeky enough?

(** Note: I loathe reality TV so this post should not be construed as either an endorsement, or encouragement to watch, the television program referred to **)

One surprise entrant in the current ANU Chess Club event was Jeremy Reading, but only because he had been locked away for the past month as part of a gaggle of geeks on the reality TV program "Beauty and the Geek". As the show has yet to go to air (it begins on Channel 7 tomorrow night) I expected him to be held prisoner by the producers until the final episode made it to air.
However it seems that the various non-disclosure agreements he presumably had to sign are protection enough, as he declined to tell anyone (including his own brother) how it all turned out. But I will hazard a guess and say that he didn't spend much of the time away working on his chess, as he was held to a draw by an opponent rated 400 odd points below him.


Nick Beare said...

He can be excused for the draw! Glenn (who he played) drew with a 1900ish player on the weekend at Ryde. Definitely plays a lot stronger than 1200ish.

Libby Smith said...

He can be excused the chess but the show itself is even more awaful than I let myself imagine.

I don't have any clue how Jeremy will go but his downfall may be not appearing as socially maladjusted as his fellow geeks (or at least as they are made to appear) and choosing the one girl who seemed able to string a sentence together (unless the other "actresses" were better at "acting" the stereotypical bimbo). It didn't appear social skills and intellect were in much evidence with the rest of the cast.

And Jeremy - I didn't see you in the jacuzzi???

Jeremy said...

We would not have fit!

Anonymous said...

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