Monday 8 June 2009

Smerdon wins NSW Open

While the results from the 2009 NSW Open aren't available on the web, it has been reported that IM David Smerdon has won the event with 6.5/7. More importantly, as the event is FIDE Rated, David's result is enough to move his FIDE rating over 2500, meaning that he has fulfilled the last requirement for his Grandmaster title.
This makes David Australia's 4th* GM, after Ian Rogers, Darryl Johansen and Zong-Yuan Zhao and Canberra's first resident GM. Hopefulley more information on the tournament, and David's title will be available in the next few days.

*There is an argument to include Walter Browne in this list, but that argument can be had by others.


James said...

Congratulations David! Fantastic stuff! said...

Wasn't Purdy also a GM? Anyway, great job Smurfo!!!

Shaun Press said...

CJS Purdy was a correspondence GM, but he was only an IM at over the board chess.