Wednesday, 17 June 2009

2009 Oceania Zonal

The 2009 Oceania Zonal starts this Saturday (20th June). The Open Zonal has attracted a large and strong field with 68 players (as of this evening), while the Womens Zonal has a field of 17.
Papua New Guinea has 2 representatives, FM Rupert Jones and Joselito Marcos. Interestingly 2 players eligible for the Womens Zonal have bypassed this event to play in the Open Zonal instead.
For the first 3 days (Saturday to Monday) there will be 2 rounds a day, with the last 3 days (Wednesday to Friday) having 1 round per day. Tuesday is a rest day, with a lot of the day taken up with Oceania Zone meetings (for those that care for those things). I'll be making a flying visit to the tournament (arrive Monday afternoon, depart Wednesday morning) and hope to do some blogging from there.


Anonymous said...

have a safe trip up. Catch you later.


Anonymous said...

have fun. Though why go up when you could actually playyyy it? said...

Maybe because watching it is the 2nd best option to playing in it?